OEM lamps for LCI & RTC 4-inch and 6-inch belt furnaces

Furnace Lamp Specification

IR Lamp

Order Number (Individual): 306-019389-01

Order Number (Case of 20): 306-019389-20


Part Number Power Design Voltage Overall Length
Overall Length (mm) Lighted Length
Lighted Length (mm) Color
Temp (K)
Life (hr)
600 W 104 V 11.9 303 6.0 152 2500 6000


Don't forget lamp seals. If you need seals, order with lamps as a lamp kit or order separately. LAMP KITS. Lamp kits include fiberglass insulators for each lamp. Add "K" to lamp part number. Add UD$2.00 per lamp for kit pricing.


Fits all RA-304, LA-304, RA-304, LA-306, S-Series, TF-Series, SMD-series, D-Series RTC and LCI furnaces with 4-inch and 6-inch wide belt and many others.  Call 949-218-4996 if you are uncertain which lamp to order. 

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