17-001 First Solar Ethernet Program Project

Nov 8, 2017 Testing

Movie 85  Auto change belt speed.

Started furnace and let it approach 4.5 ipm belt speed. Pressed Calib button for >3 sec. Adjusted belt speed knob to 5.01 ipm. Pressed clear. Belt stopped very briefly and then tracked nicely to 5.01 ipm.

Movie 86  Restart lamps.

Started lamps: zone 3 firing, zones 1 & 2 not firing.

Pressed calibrate button <3s: zones 1 & 3 now firing. Zone 2 not firing (verified Z2 Solo Ctrl set to Pid).

Press Cooldown. Blue light comes on, red light comes on. Press Controls OFF, red light goes off. This function appears to be working properly.

Nov 7, 2017 Testing

Movie 81 Startup with New CPU.

Observed:  Calib button did not work on startup. Started lamps, Zone 2 was not firing (verfied Z2 Solo Ctrl set to Pid).

Movie 83  Restarted furnace. Start lamps, zone 3 not firing (verified Z3 Solo Ctrl set to Pid). Calibrate button works after lamps start. Press calibrate for 3-5 sec works.  Clear works.  Press Calib button 1sec: Z1, Z2 firing, Z3 not firing.

Restart lamps. Press Cooldown: Cooldown blue light works.

Cycled controller - Press Lamps OFF. Press Controls OFF.  Press Controls ON, Press Lamps ON: Zones 1 & 3 firing.  Zone 2 not firing.

Movie 84  Press Clear to exit Cooldown. Press Lamps ON: Zone 2 not firing. Press Calibrate 1 sec, Z1, Z3 firing, Z2 not firing.