The section describes terms used for RTC and FurnacePros IR furnaces.
Table 1‑1.  Definitions
CDA Clean, dry air.  Compressed air supply that has been filtered of particulate and moisture.
FG Forming gas, a mixture of H2 and N2 gasses usually with 4% H2 or less in the mixture.
H2 Hydrogen gas; a concentration > 8% in air is considered explosive. For concentrations higher than 4%, FurnacePros requires inclusion of the Hydrogen Operation (HO) option to safely use hydrogen as a process gas in a furnace.
IO Input/Output signals as an aggregate.  IO is comprised of signals from one or more of these sources: AI (analog input), AO (analog output), DI (digital input), or DO (digital output).
N2 Nitrogen gas. Inert. Usually used to displace oxygen from the furnace during processing. The Oxygen Analyzer (OA) option can be used with our automatic sampling system to continually monitor O2 (oxygen) levels present in any of 3 zones in a furnace, displaying results on the OI and alerting and alarming when detecting levels above pre-set limits.
PID Proportional, integral derivative control loop that calculates an output to correct the error between a measured process temperature and a desired set point temperature.