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Moisture Analyzer System Installed on RTC L-924 Furnace

 FurnacePros added a Moisture Analyzer and automatic sampling system to an RTC L-924 furnace.

 The project included a NIST traceable ceramic moisture sensor transmitter and a 4-point gas sampling system.  The sampling system monitors the moisture levels in 3 zones and 1 reference location.  Installation of an additional PLC rack and digital and analog I/O was required to handle the analog signals from the moisture analyzer and transmit digital signals to operate the sample system valves.  

Operation of the gas sampling system was integrated with the installed furnace software.  Water vapor is parts per million (ppmv) is converted to dew point in the software. Readout of the dew point in each of the 3 sampled zones is be displayed in degrees C directly on the furnace display monitor; the sampling system will sequentially scan the reference, the first zone, the middle zone and then the last zone, and will repeat this round of sampling as long as the furnace is operating.   Alarm of any out-of-tolerance condition is be given audibly and visually, both on the furnace display monitor and on the light tower (if so equipped). ev11


Moisture Analyzer Piping

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