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RTC AG-1215 Furnace Refurbished with new Electricals and Control system OEM IR Lamp for RTC furnces

COLORADO, USA  August 2011.  Complete replacement of controls and electricals on an existing 7-zone infrared furnace used for organic burnout was completed in one week.  Dual thermocouples and a new independent overtemperture monitoring system provides shutdown protection.  A 3-port chamber sampling system with source sampling was added complete with oxygen analyzer and oxygen levels monitored by the furnace software.  Element monitoring system monitors the integrity of the furnace lamps and alerts operators to any failure.  To reduce downtime new electrical panels were assembled in FurnacePros factory in Orange and shipped to the field for installation and hookup.  The new isolated motor control panel and belt drive motor package allows smooth belt performance at low speeds.   New PLC controls with updated ProControl(TM) software were installed on our standard Optiplex platform with RAID1 dual drives.  ev11-05

FurnacePros offers low pricing on RTC Furnace IR Lamps OEM IR Lamp for RTC furnces

CALIFORNIA, USA September 2011.  FurnacePros continues low pricing on original OEM lamps for all major RTC IR furnace models. Low prices on the correct lamps for 4 inch, 6 inch, 9/10, 14/15, 24, 36 and 48 inch model RTC brand furnaces. Almost all sizes now in stock. Lamps ship 1-3 days from receipt of full payment. Call (949) 218-4996 or email for best pricing and availability. Case quantities qualify for further discount.  ev11-04

New design Water Cooling Chambers installed on RTC Furnace in Singapore CAWC Cooling System for IR Furnace

SINGAPORE, March 2011.  New more efficient design cooling sections were fabricated in LCI FurnacePros factory.  Installation was performed by the customer on-site, coordinated by our partners in Singapore.  New design features offers increased cooling at lower water pressure and flow.  The units are fabricated out of high strength aluminum and replace existing RTC CAWC closed atmosphere water cooling systems on Radiant Technology brand infrared furnaces.  ev11-03

RTC C-315 Furnace Control System Upgrade

RTC C-315 IR Furnace

MARYLAND, USA March 2010.  FurnacePros provided replacement furnace computer and software on an existing Radiant Technology 6-zone infrared furnace dryer (2 dryer zones, 4 dryer zones).  The RAID1 managed computer system with new controller economically integrated with the existing Opto22 G4 I/O replacing the out of date ARCNET system. The system also included older style element monitor cards which did not need to be replaced.  ev11-02

RTC D-615 Dryer Chamber Rebuild D-615 Dryer in Philippines

PHILIPPINES, January 2011.  A Radiant Technology D-615 dryer experienced chemical, moisture and physical damage to the chamber internals.  The dryer was disconnected by the customer and shipped to FurnacePros factory in Orange, California.  At the factory the chambers were removed and rebuilt with new insulation, reassembled and sealed.  While in the factory a number of other minor items were brought back to factory original specifications.  The factory conducted 600°C curing and burn-in before re-shipping to the Philippines.  ev11-01

New Furnace Transport Drive Motor Controller IR Furnace Motor Control

ORANGE, January 2011.  After extensive testing of existing RTC Radiant Technology transport drive systems, a inexpensive isolation kit (MCCI) has been developed that RTC furnace owners can install themselves.  The kit provides users with smooth reliable belt control even at speeds under 130 mm/min (5 inches/min).  Kit is available complete with drill template, marked leads and installation instructions for easy installation, typically in under one hour.  Contact our parts department for details (949) 218-4996   ev11-00

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