Upgrade RTC Furnace Controls

Upgrade your RTC furnace software, computer, controllers and/or replace the entire lower electrical system with improved replacement systems fully compatible with your existing RTC furnace. 

RTC furnaces were built to last. RTC furnace mechanical and structural elements of your furnace may have a useable life of well over 20 years, electrical components should be replaced after 15 years.  Control systems systems may have a  useable life of 7-10 years and computer systems of 5-7 years or less before they are no longer supported.

We provide the following upgrades for RTC furnaces:

  • Replace independent PID controllers with Discrete Digital Control system. See pictures of 3-Zone and 8-Zone control consoles.
  • Replace Computer/Opto22 system with Discrete Digital Control system.  See pictures of 3-Zone and 8-Zone control consoles.
  • Replace Independent controllers with integrated PLC control with OIT computer interface.
  • Replace Opto22 G4 PS245 type controller/ArcNet interface with SNAP-LCM4/Ethernet and OIT RAID1 computer interface (retain G4 modules or replace with SNAP modules).
  • Replace Opto22 Mistic Classic controller/Ethernet interface with SNAP-LCM4/Ethernet and OIT RAID1 computer interface (retains G4 modules).
  • Replace Opto22 G4PS245 type Classic controller/Ethernet interface/G4 modules with SNAP-LCM4/Ethernet/SNAP modules and OIT RAID1 computer interface.
  • Replace Windows98 and older computers with Dell Optiplex OIT RAID1 computer with WindowsXP and latest version of furnace control software.

OIT Operator Interface Terminal


Dell Optiplex series computer with Windows7 operating system with RAID1 dual hard drive array provides reliability required by production lines and manageability preferred by IT professionals.

   Dell Optiplex Computers

Dell OptiplexDell Optiplex series computers are built to provide easy management and long life cycles.



  • Advanced Configuration Services - Pre-installed at the factory with only the systems required by your furnace (no trialware or other promotional software) to save time in initial set-up.
  • Tool-less Chassis - Provides easy access for upgrading and troubleshooting color-coded components by hand.
  • DirectDetectTM  Lights - Monitors system status and alerts you to issues.
  • Long lifecycles - OptiPlex desktops have a lifecycle target of greater than 15 months. For over 12 years, OptiPlex mainstream products have met this goal.
  • ENERGY STAR┬«Compliant - Optiplex computers use the most efficient power supplies.
  • HyperCool™ Technology - innovative chassis design helps reduce heat, noise and overall wear and tear.


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