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MPM Corporation Screen Printers

TF-100 Screen Printer

Standard Features:

  • Precision print head to - carriage alignment using unique one-print Mylar adjustment system with X, Y and theta micrometer adjustments.
  • Consistent print uniformity
  • All adjustments have independent locks and stay in setup
  • User-selectable print cycles: single print mode with flood print/print flood; alternate; and double print modes
  • Contact /Off-contact printing capability
  • Hydraulic squeegee drive (air-over-oil) with adjustable speed and stroke
  • Squeegee pressure adjusted by calibrated coil springs
  • Adjustable squeegee down stop and angle of attach
  • Choice of fixed or floating squeegee assembly
  • No tools required for set-up

TF-100 Screen Printer

System Specifications

Print Area:6" x 6" 
Frame Size:Inside dimensions:5" x 5" up to 12" x 12"
Substrate Carriage:Registration Repeatability:0.0005"
Substrate Size:6" x 6"
X-Y Adjustment:0.500" range (micrometer)
Rotary Adjustment:10" (micrometer)
Squeegee Head:Print Stroke Adjustment:1" to 9"
Speed:0 to 15" per second
Screen Height Adjustment:1" range (dial indicator)
Pressure:2-30 LB by calibrated coil springs
Angle of Attack Adjustment:+/- 5"
Squeegee Holder:7.5" maximum (specify) with .0375" square blade
Service:Power:115Vac, 60 Hz (220 Vac, 50 Hz), 1 A
Air:80 - 125 psig @ 6cfm
Vacuum:23 Hg @ 4cfm
Dimensions:Printer: 42" L x 16" W x 17" H
Formica Covered Table: 48" L x 37" W
Steel Stand: 28" H
Shipping Weight:300 LB