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Vacuum Applicator 700 Series

The Dynachem Vacuum applicator is a semi-automatic microprocessor controlled machine designed to ensure complete elimination of air from printed circuit panels laminated with dry film solder mask.Complete encapsulation of the circuit traces is achieved using heat, vacuum and mechanical force.

  • Greatly reduces solder mask film waste
  • Alphanumeric display for diagnostics and sequence of operations
  • Platen temperatures individually controlled
  • State of the art vacuum technology
  • Available with 24 inches and 30 inch platens
  • Entire platen area can be filled with one or multiple panels

General Specifications

Overall Dimensions
Width1245 mm (49")1400 mm (55.5")
Length1803 mm (71")2300 mm (90")
Height (min/max)1143/1345 mm (45"/53")1250/1346 mm (49"/53")
Working Height (min/max)978/1080 mm (38.5"/42.5")940/1015 mm (37"/40")
Power Type3 Ph, 50/60 Hz, Ground3 Ph, 50/60 Hz, Ground
Power consumption (kVA)68
Nominal Voltage220 Vac, 380 Vac, 415 Vac, 480 Vac220 Vac, 380 Vac, 415 Vac, 480 Vac
Phase Amperage (max)20 A,12.0 A,10.0 A,9.0 A23 A,13.4 A,11.5 A,10.5 A
Compressed Air
Air Consumption25 L/min1 SCFM25 L/min1 SCFM
Minimum Pressure4 kg/cm2 57 psig4 kg/cm2 57 psig
Other Specifications
Gross Weight1015 kg (2200 LB)1257 kg (2770 LB)
Net Weight810 kg (1800LB)985 kg (2171 LB)
Panel Size610 x 610 mm (24" x 24")765 x 765 mm (30" x 30")
Thickness (max)3.4 mm (0.134")

Based on our experience, we believe that the above information is accurate - as it was copied from Morton International specifications for this tool. But we offer no guarantee as to the use or application of this tool or of this information.