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SierraTherm 1500 Series

Fast Response Furnaces

The SierraTherm 1500 Series conveyor furnaces are designed specifically for high volume hybrid and chip component electronics production applications such as firing of noble and base metal conductors, chip Cap and chip-R terminations, resistors, resistor networks, and associated dielectric thick film systems. The 1500 series can be used for glass and metal package sealing, silver-glass die attach, and most electronic packaging and curing applications.

SierraTherm 1500 Series models are available in both air and nitrogen atmosphere configurations.


The 1500 Series has no muffle and features an ultra-clean low-mass refractory heating chamber, free of internal metal alloy assemblies. The 1500 Series heats from ambient to 600°C in less than 20 minutes, and is designed to sustain continuous on/off heating and cooling cycles resulting from alternating periods of production andnon-use. Distinctly unlike other conveyor furnaces, the SierraTherm 1500 Series is an energy efficient precision thermal processing system which provides unequaled performance by way of:

  • Three tiers of graded, power-saving insulation reduces energy bills.
  • Innovative atmosphere distribution and management eliminates thermal shock.
  • Vigorous extraction of burn-off effluents across entire chamber width improves yields.
  • Integrated burn-off condensate entrapment/collector inhibits process contamination.
  • Stable, unsurpassed temperature uniformity control ensures consistent "firing" results.

Included as standard equipment on the 1500 Series is the powerful and convenient Windows-based MicroTherm PC Control, Profiling, and Monitoring System, first developed and introduced by SierraTherm in 1992.

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum Temperature Rating: 600° C
  • Cross-Belt Temperature Uniformity: ± 1.5° C typical
  • Over-temperature Protection: Redundant over temperature protection in all zones.
  • Cooling Modules: Free and forced convection/conduction. Both air and water available as standard equipment.
  • Atmosphere System: Four independently adjustable gas inlets for uniform flow distribution across entire chamber width. Directional gas flow control.
  • Power Supply: 200/240 Volts, 3 Phase, 50-60 HZ
  • Clearance above Conveyor Belt: 2.0 in. (51mm)
  • Belt Speed Range: 2-20 IPM
  • Drive System: Microprocessor controlled, closed loop, digital feedback, ± .01% accuracy, with mechanical belt slip clutch.
  • Control System: MicroTherm Windows based PC Control System. Pentium PC, super VGA 14" color monitor, 9 port time-temperature profiler, SPC data logging and historical display, recipe storage and management, on-line help manual.
  • Exhaust System: 2" diameter air powered venturi exhauster. Full chamber width exhausting. Removable condensate collection trap. Exhaust gas flow monitor and control.