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SierraTherm 4500 Series

Conveyor Dryers & Curing Ovens

The SierraTherm 4500 Series Conveyorized Drying Ovens are available as free standing units or they can be attached in-line to a high temperature series furnace for pre-dry before firing. The 4500 series are rated for temperatures to 300° C for applications such as Thick Film Ink drying, Epoxy Curing, and any other low temperature process.


  • Super efficient power-saving insulation reduces energy bills.
  • Innovative atmosphere distribution and management eliminates thermal shock.
  • Vigorous extraction of burn-off effluents across entire chamber width improves yields.
  • Integrated burn-off condensate entrapment/collector inhibits process contamination.
  • Stable, unsurpassed temperature uniformity control ensures consistent "firing" results.
  • Air or Nitrogen atmospheres.

Included as standard equipment on the 4500 Series is the powerful and convenient Windows-based MicroTherm PC Control, Profiling, and Monitoring System, first developedand introduced by SierraTherm in 1992.


  • Maximum Temperature Rating: 250° C
  • Normal Operating Temperature: 100° C - 250° C
  • Cross-Belt Temperature Uniformity: ± 3.0° C
  • Energy Consumption: Typically 10-20% of connected load at typical 250° C profile
  • Over temperature Protection: Redundant over temperature protection in all zones
  • Cooling Modules: free and forced Convection/Conduction. Both air and water available as standard equipment.
  • Atmosphere System: Adjustable gas inlets for uniform flow distribution across entire chamber width. Directional gas flow control.
  • Power Supply: 200/240 Volts, 3 Phase, 50-60 Hz
  • Clearance Above Conveyor Belt: 2.0 in. (51 mm)
  • Belt Speed Range: 2-20 IPM
  • Drive System: Microprocessor controlled, closed loop, digital feedback, ± .01% accuracy, mechanical belt slip clutch.
  • Control System: MicroTherm Windows based PC Control System. Pentium PC, super VGA 14" color monitor, 9 port time-temperature part profiler, SPC data logging and historical display, on-line help manual.
  • Exhaust System: 2" diameter, air powered venturi exhauster. Full chamber width exhausting. Removable condensate collection trap. Exhaust gas flow monitor and control.