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Zoom Inspection Microscope


Pricing and Options

  • Large Format 3 Dimensional Positioning Table
  • Optional Oblique Angle Viewer for 360 Degree Side Angle View of Objects
  • Precision Optics Provide Stereo Zoom Magnification from 6X - 45X
  • Trinocular Version Available for Video and Photographic Imaging
  • Built-in Variable Halogen Illumination
  • Single Switch Table Lock Mechanism

The new Trident is an innovative high resolution stereo zoom inspection microscope designed for a wide range of professional and industrial applications. Precision optics offer unlimited zoom magnifications from 6.5x through 45x and up to 225x with the optional lenses and eyepieces. The revolutionary 3 Dimensional X-Y-Z Positioning Table adds the ability to reposition specimens vertically allowing the user to freely move up and down through different layers without refocusing or repositioning the user's head. The operator can reposition the specimen in 3 dimensions while holding onto a single control knob. Unlike conventional inspection microscopes that only offer stages designed for small specimens, the Trident is designed to handle a wide variety of large circuit boards and other specimens. A convenient button allows the user to lock the table in position when desired.

angle viewEnlarged Oblique Angle View

See what you've been missing with a traditional microscope  that limits you to a straight down view. Trident sets a new industry standard for microscope inspection by offering an optional Oblique Angle Viewer. Now in addition to the traditional straight down view, Trident owners can view an object at an angle, from the side or at any point 360 degrees around an object.

The standard model features variable halogen illumination. A trinocular head model is available to provide a variety of options for photography and video image capture. With its various options, superior zoom optics, and broad field of view, the VTI Trident is an excellent choice for the most demanding inspection environments. Additional Features:

  • Interpupillary adjustment for distance between eyes
  • Diopter adjustment for difference in sight between eyes
  • 10X Wide Field eyepieces with Rubber Eye Guards
  • Working Distance: 95mm
  • Field of View: 6X 32mm, 45X 4.5mm
  • Optional 15X, 20X and 25X eyepieces are available
  • Optional 1/2X Lens will double field of view
  • Variable Halogen Light: 12 V, 20 W
  • Users Manual, Super Protective Fitted Foam Packaging
  • Limited One (1) Year Warranty

Trident - Stereo and Trinocular Zoom Inspection Systems


PartNumberDescriptionRetail PriceShipping
TB1000Binocular - Base, Head 10X Eyepieces$1,795.00$45.00
TT1000Trinocular - Base, Head 10X Eyepieces$2,095.00$45.00
TT1C00Trinocular w/Camera - Base, Head 10X Eyepiece Camera Tube w/ 1/2" Lens$2,795.00$45.00
TT1C14Trinocular  w/ Camera & 14" Monitor Same as above   w/14" Sony Video Monitor$3,495.00$55.00

Trident System Optional Accessories:


PartNumberDescriptionRetail PriceShipping
TT0C00Color High Resolution Camera Package$895.00
AV2394Oblique Angle Viewer$519.00
TEFOLSFiber Optic Light Source$419.00
TERLGOFiber Optic Ring Light Guide - Includes Threaded Adapter$419.00


USD Video Frame Grabber w/Software  (Needs WIN: 98/2000/NT/SP)$149.00
MS140014" Sony Trinitron Color Video Monitor (SSM-145NU)$560.00