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Moisture Analyzer System Installed on RTC L-924 Furnace Moisture Analyzer & Sampling system

September 2009. FurnacePros added a Moisture Analyzer and automatic sampling system to an RTC L-924 furnace. The project included a NIST traceable ceramic moisture sensor transmitter and a 4-point gas sampling system. ev11

The sampling system monitors the moisture levels in 3 zones and 1 reference location. Installation of an additional PLC rack and digital and analog I/O was required to handle the analog signals from the moisture analyzer and transmit digital signals to operate the sample system valves. ev10

First Installation of Replacement Water Cooling Section for RTC furnace SMEMA Product Tracking

July 2009.  FurnacePros completed install of a the newly designed replacement water cooling section for an S-1215XHO RTC furnace in Southern California.  Three 30" sections were manufactured of 316L stainless steel and installed as almost a plug and play replacement for existing aluminum system. ev08a

At the same time the furnace computer and controls interface were changed from the ARCnet to Ethernet protocol with a new dual RAID drive Dell computer, updated furnace software and controller without replacing the existing bricks for a cost effective solution. Complete installation, startup and calibration took 3 days.  SMEMA product tracking system adjustments added additional 1/2 day. ev09

New:  Replacement Water Cooling Section for RTC furnaces New design 30" Water Cooling Section for RTC furnaces

April 2009.  FurnacePros completed design of a replacement water cooling section for RTC furnaces. The 30" section provides the same cooling characteristics of the previous model but with predicted higher reliability and at a lower cost. The new design features fewer penetrations and welds to perform the same task.  Available in aluminum and 316L stainless steel, over the long run it is expected to reduce downtime for replacement of leaky cooling systems in RTC and GBT model furnaces. ev08

Hotfix file for PV-309 in Switzerland

RTC Software Hotfix April 2009.  FurnacePros technical support generated a self-extracting hotfix to adjust the minimum cooling water temperature required to enable furnace startup of the RTC model PV-309 furnace.  After receipt of a current copy of the furnace directory, the hotfix was generated to remedy a delay in furnace ready status because of an alert on low temperature at the cooling water inlet on startup. ev07b

Service for Solar Cell manufacturer Solar Cell furnace sprocket drive

April 2009.  FurnacePros provides analysis and review of a 15 year old RTC model C-624X combination dryer furnace to facilitate refurbishing the furnace on-site by FurnacePros staff.  The furnace will be returned to operations as soon as the work is completed. ev06

Software Solution for UCD System on D-624 in ThailandFurnace Software fix

February 2009.  Disappearing start and run times from the Ultrasonic Cleaner Dryer system dialog box were reset using a hotfix file from FurnacePros technical support. ev07a

FurnacePros Lowers RTC Furnace Lamp Prices OEM IR Lamp for RTC furnces

January 2009.  FurnacePros dropped prices on many of the OEM infrared quartz heater elements for RTC brand furnaces. Call (949) 218-4996 to get a quote. Case quantities qualify for further discount. ev05


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