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We offer low prices on OEM Parts & IR Lamps. With over 10,000 parts for RTC furnaces, we can usually find the part you need.  Upgrade chamber, controls & cooling systems. New and upgraded components and many legacy boards and parts currently in stock. 

All prices are Ex Works, in US dollars and do not include shipping & handling, or other transport or export fees. See Payment Method Options table for payment methods. Orders based on internet prices are subject to our Internet Terms of Sale.


Now RTC original OEM lamps are available built to your order.  Factory original lamps, developed by RTC and manufactured in the USA by USHIO. 

IR Lamp

These lamps perfectly match the OEM lamps in your RTC and/or LCI IR furnace. Compared to "compatible lamps" by  other manufacturers, these original equipment IR lamps operate at lower temperatures at their connections prolonging the life of each lamp and reducing premature lamp failure.  Suitable for all LCI and RTC IR furnaces, RTC ovens and FurnacePros and/or RTC dryers. 

We have some lamps in stock in limited quantities. Other lamp models are available built-to-order with 4-8 week lead time. Call (714) 935-0302 x230 or email parts@furnacepros.com for availability.

Furnace SizePart NumberDescriptionUnitPricePart NumberQty/
6306-019389-01*600 W / 104 Veach42.00306-019389-20*20680.0034.00
9/10306-019060-01900 W / 216 Veach65.00306-019060-20201240.0062.00
15306-019061-011500 W / 225 Veach90.00306-019061-20201420.0071.00
24306-019062-012400 W / 461 Veach75.00306-019062-066390.0065.00
36306-093319-36*3600 W / 480 Veach85.00306-093319-06*6450.0075.00
36306-1001393-01**3800 V / 570 VeachCALL306-101393-06**6CALLCALL
48306-0909042-014800 W / 480 VeachCALL306-090942-066CALLCALL


*Currently in stock.  Lead time to ship, 2 business days after receipt of payment (or receipt of purchase order on approved credit).


**Available for use on certain 36" low temperature RTC furnaces and dryers.

LAMP KITS. Lamp kits include fiberglass insulators for each lamp. Add "K" to lamp part number. Add UD$2.00 per lamp for kit pricing.


RTC Furnace Controller, Opto22 LCM4

SCR assembly


The original RTC Opto 22 furnce controller. This controller is discontinued by the manufacturer. We still have a few RTC laboratory units in stock. All ship with a new 5-year Lithium battery.  LCM4 controllers are fully tested before shipment. If purchased, M4SENET cards are properly addressed to function with an LCI or RTC furnace and installed and tested in LCM4 controller if ordered at the same time. 

All controllers and controller parts come with a limited  90-day warranty. Damage due to static discharge not covered.

Batteries (5-year Lithium) that are purchased separately are fresh and ship with connector for easy installation on LCM4 controller COM card.

ModelDescriptionPart NumberUnitUSA PriceIntl Price
SNAP-LCM4LCM4 Furnace Controller (RTC version)370-092246-03Uassy2065.002265.00
M4SENET-100Ethernet card for LCM4 controller (RTC IP)370-092246-04ea953.001053.00
5-YearBATTERY, Lithium for LCM4 Controller322-092208-01ea55.0065.70


LCM4 controller supply is extremenly limited. Please Call or email parts@furnacepros.com for current availabity.



SCR assembly

SCR assemblies for RTC furnaces, standard and high current.  SCR assemblies are comprised of controller board, SSR and fittings for direct replacement on your RTC or LCI furnace.

DescriptionPart NumberUnitPricePart NumberQty/
25 A50A SSR/Controller board assy370-092224-01assy390.00 370-092224-10103750.00375.00 
40 A75A SSR/Controller board assy370-092226-01assy405.00  370-092226-10103850.00385.00 
50 A90A SSR/Controller board assy370-092225-01assy420.00370-092225-10104050.00405.00 

Newer designs available.

SCR Controller Board

SCR Controller

Controller board only for standard and high current SSRs. Used on most RTC and some LCI Furnaces


DescriptionPart NumberUnitPrice Part NumberQty/
25 AController board370-092224-02ea300.00 370-092224-10102350.00200.00 
40 AController board370-092224-02ea300.00 370-092224-10102350.00200.00 
50 AController board370-092224-02ea300.00 370-092224-10102350.00200.00 

Newer designs available.



Solid State relay for SCR for RTC furnaces

Solid state relay for SCR. Use with SCR Controller board.  Available in standard and high current models.  For all LCI & RTC furnaces, ovens and dryers.

DescriptionPart NumberUnitPrice Part NumberQty/
50 ASolid State Relay for 25 A SCR370-092224-03assy90.00 370-092224-31010800.0080.00 
75 ASolid State Relay for 40 A SCR370-092226-03assy105.00 370-092226-31010920.0092.00 
90 ASolid State Relay for 50 A SCR370-092225-02assy130.00 370-092225-310101100.00110.00 


Dual Thermocouple for RTC furnaces

Factory original type K thermocouples for Radiant Technology furnaces. Single and dual design with connectors. Note: Furnace thermocouples are subject to drift over time due to material deposition and contamination of the junction. Small changes in composition cause changes in the EMF signal generated by the wire pair and can cause errors in the temperature signal. Replacement once per year, or every 2 years in clean environments, is recommended. 

DescriptionPart NumberUnitPrice Part NumberQty/
Type K Thermocouple, single396-018334-01ea62.70 370-092224-1010440.0044.00 
Type K Thermocouple, Dual396-018335-01ea69.30 370-092225-1010515.0051.50 

Furnace Chambers

Original design furnace chamber for RTC furnaces

Replace  or refurb existing furnace chamber to original RTC factory specifications. Call or email us with your RTC IR furnace model and factory order number.

Note:  Furnace Chamber modules must be fabricated to order
and require special payment terms.

Controlled Atmosphere
Water Cooling Sections

Improved design water cooling section for RTC furnaces

30 inch long CAWC Modules, sets of 1 and 3 modules. This Improved design is a direct replacement for existing RTC cooling system sections.  Comprised of fewer welds to reduce failure points. Includes all quartz rods installed.

Water cooling sections should be installed with 5 psi or less discharge backpressure.

Note:  CAWC modules must be fabricated to order and require special payment terms.

NominalAluminum316L Stainless Steel
Furnace SizePart NumberDescriptionQty/
PricePart NumberQty/
14/15215-090805-0130 INCH CAWC MODULE, 14/15 INCH BELT14553.08215-090807-0114553.08
14/15215-090805-10030 INCH CAWC MODULES, 14/15 INCH BELT310391.35215-090807-316310391.35
24215-090905-0130 INCH CAWC MODULE, 24 INCH BELT17059.22215-090907-0117059.22
24215-090905-10030 INCH CAWC MODULES, 24 INCH BELT316448.93215-090907-316316448.93


Rollers for RTC furnaces

Factory original rollers and roller guides for RTC belt furnaces, RTC IR ovens and RTC IR dryers.

Prices change frequently. Please call for current price.

15 inch belt24 inch belt
Part NumberDescriptionUnitPricePart NumberUnitPrice
430-093030-02Roller Guide, 4 inch ODeachCall430-093030-03each982.35
430-093031-02Roller Pinch, 7 inch ODeachCall430-093031-03each1156.50
430-091234-02Roller Drive, 8.5 inch ODeachCall430-091234-03each1289.20
430-091661-02Interface Roller, 3 inch ODeach609.25430-091661-03each695.25

Continuous Belts

RTC furnace belt

Standard mesh original design belts for RTC furnaces in stainless steel and Nichrome-V.  Dimpled belts and other optional patterns available. Priced by linear meter.  Prices change frequently. Please call for current price.

NominalStainless SteelNichrome-V
Furnace SizePart NumberDescriptionUnitPricePart NumberUnitPrice
6415-073062-016 inch wide, standard meshmeterCall415-032019-01meterCall
9/10415-071692-059.5 inch wide, standard meshmeterCall415-071692-02meter160.00
14/15415-071692-0615 inch wide, standard meshmeterCall415-071692-03meter285.00
24415-071692-0724 inch wide, standard meshmeter390.00415-071692-04meterCall

Selected Radiant Technology Furnaces

Legacy, Replacement and original OEM parts for RTC furnace models including:
  AG-series AG-1215, AG-1224, AG-1515, AG-1524
  C-series C-915, C-924, PV-309
  D-Series D-615, D-624, D-915, D-924, D-936, D-948, D-956
  LA-series LA-304  LA-306  LA-306  LA-309  LA-310
  PV-series PV-314, PV-614, PV-624, PVD-309, PVD-609, PVD-614, PVD-615 PVD-624
  S-Series S-910, S-910X, S-914, S-914X, S-915, S-915X, S-1215, S-1215X, S-1224, S-1224X, S-1515
  S-Series Hydrogen S-910H, S-910XH, S-914H, S-914XH, S-915H, S-915XH, S-1215H, S-1215XH, S-1224H,
      S-1224XH, S-1515H, S-1524H
  TF-series TF-909, TF-915, TF-924
... and many others.  Call for assistance with your serial number or furnace order number.

Low Prices on RTC Parts & IR Lamps for Radiant Technology Furnaces

Upgrade to Latest Technologies and

Add 15 years to your furnace with new Computer, Controls & Electricals

Retrofit or Upgrade chamber, controls & cooling

RTC LA-306 Furnace Parts   LA-309 furnace Parts   LA-310 Furnace Parts

Call for assistance with your serial number or furnace order number.

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