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Dryer Installation in Southeast Asia

D-624 Dryer Installation

December 2008.  FurnacePros provided installation supervision and startup services in a cleanroom in Southeast Asia on a D-624 dryer,  The continuous belt infrared dryer was being installed on a production line, requiring site acceptance testing meeting the customer standards. ev04

Major Controls Upgrade in Philippines

RTC AG-1524 furnace

August 2008.  Over 1000 wires were pulled in the complete on-site replacement of the control and belt drive systems on a RTC model AG-1524 furnace.  The furnace received upgrades to the computer, programmable logic controller, thermocouples and sensors subsystems.  The new computer is Dell Optiplex managed platform featuring RAID1 drives to assure long term data integrity. ev03

FurnacePros Factory reconditions GreenBridge furnace for Taiwan solar cell manufacturer GreenBridge S-615X

September 2008. Upon sale by GreenBridge Technology of a GBT prototype S-615X furnace, FurnacePros was asked to bring the furnace up to like new condition for a production furnace.  This effort included a thorough investigation of the furnace and subsequent configuration of the furnace software, replacement of certain parts, correction of all defects.  The customer was present for the factory acceptance testing (FAT) in Orange, California and to witness operation of the equipment at near 1000 degrees C. The furnace was shipped to Taiwan for use in a solar cell production line. ev02

Computer Chip Manufacturer gets Assistance in Furnace Move in Massachusetts

RTC S-1215 Move through Window

November 2008. FurnacePros provided on-site supervision of the critical move of a S-1210 furnace.  The furnace required split into two section and special blocking to assure successful reassembly and startup at the new site.  The furnace sections were then passed through a window and lowered to the ground floor.  The entire operation was completed in 2 days.  ev01

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