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Rebuilt SPECIAL LA-306 Compact Production/Lab IR Furnace

LA306 Special

PLACENTIA, CALIFORNIA, USA. We currently have an exceptional refurbished RTC LA-306. This industrial high temperature lab belt furnace is configured with an extra long exit entension adding 30 inches to the product Unload station and to the overall length of the furnace.

All new controls, internals, belt and motor

The furnace chamber includes brand new insulation for 1000°C operation, new plenums for CDA, nitrogen or forming gas operation.  Manufactured out of aircraft aluminum, the CACT cooling tunnel is also brand new. Perfect for thick film, annealing, solder reflow and dental lab applications.

Please email if you are interested in this furnace.  ev17-04


"Low Miles" TP Solar TF-618 Infrared Furnace

Infrared Photovoltaic belt furnace

Put in service in 2016 for a special sintering project, this continuous belt production furnace features the TPS split casing design with MCL (motorized chamber lift) which allows the top of the heating chamber to be raised above the chamber bottom by wired remote while the furnace is down for maintenance.

This 1000°C furnace was designed for low oxygen processing with a 3-port sampling system and built-in Illinois Instruments EC-913 analyzer system for sampling furnace chamber atmosphere. One extra port is provided for use of a auxiliary analyzer (aux analyzer and sample pump by owner).  

Atmosphere and Heat

Connect up to 3 process gases simultaneously. The PLC control system is designed for computer switching between combinations of CDA, Nitrogen and Forming Gas (FG<4.5% Hydrogen). Furnace chamber has 2" clearance height above the 18" wide belt. Heating chamber is 4-zone, 60 inches long. The furnace has 90 inches of water cooling followed by fan cooling section. The furnace chamber has 4 quartz ports in the top of each zone for a IR temperature measureing devices.

Belt width: 18 inches
Maximum Temperature: 1000C
Maximum Product Height: 2 inches
Entrance collector
4-port Gas Sample System with Oxygen Analyzer


The furnace has 90 inches of water cooling divided into 2 top and 2 bottom chambers for high capacity cooling. The CAWC is then followed by fan cooling section. Extra cooling capacity for parts with high mass.

Observation Ports

The furnace chamber has 4 quartz ports in the top of each zone for a IR temperature measuring devices.


This furnace is an excellent tool for processing copper, alloys, graphite, ferrous and non-ferrous parts, hybrid thick film, calcining, annealing, tempering or sintering large heavy part loads in a controlled atmosphere. Start up from ambient and reach 900C+ temperature in 15 to 30 minutes. Switch easily between CDA, nitrogen and forming gas atmospheres.

(FO 15-004). ev17-06 (RGL 14683)


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