Furnace Applications

Furnace Applications


Production Applications for IR Furnaces

Hybrid Thick Film Firing
Thick film firing of nobel metals
Glass annealing

Thick FilmIR Furnace Application


Thick Film

The industry was revolutionized by the develpoment of the first fast-fire thick film firing furnace in the early 80's. Today IR furnaces still provide the fastest heat up and cool down times.

TF Series furnaces can heat up to 1000°C and stabilize in less than 10 minutes. When it is time to change profile or shut down, they can cool down to 400°C in less than 10 minutes.


TF-Series Furnaces

TF-Series IR Furnace
Electronic Industry Semiconductor


Semicond Pkg

Semiconductor packaging,
    ▪ Frame attach
    ▪ Die attach
    ▪ Sealing applications.
    ▪ Ceramic
    ▪ Glass epoxy applications
    ▪ Curing polymer thick film materials
    ▪ Epoxy potting compounds
    ▪ Nonmenclature & legend inks
    ▪ Conformal coatings
    ▪ Bonding epoxys on ICs
    ▪ Bonding encapsulating epoxys on ICs
    ▪ Process heat shrink tubing
    ▪ Drying thick film pastes.
    ▪ Bake photo resist on silicon wafers
Process that requres higher production yield and throughput and feature:
- Start-up in less than 30 minutes for temperature profiles up to 1000°C;

- Repeatable profiles;

- No degrade of seal process;

Lower internal cavity moisture content/p>

 comparable hermetic performance;

& - Low ppm defect rates;

- Superior temperature uniformity.

 90% belt edge conveyor load efficiency.

 - Inert atmosphere for fine pitch solder pastes. 

- Diffuse near and medium IR heating efficiency without color selectivity.

SMD-Series Semiconductor Packaging furnaces.  
Choose Air for low cost; Nitrogen (max 500 ppm oxygen) reduces board browning and flux charring for easier cleaning; or Nitorgen (max 5 ppm Oxygen) for 40-60% faster processing speeds, lower defect rates, and improved secondary soldering yields, ideal for high volume critical applications. 

SMD-Series IR Furnace
High Temperature Processing
  • - Thick-film processing
  • - Final lid sealing
  • - Die attach
  • - Single stage silver-glass die attach
  • - Two stage silver-glass die attach
  • - Solar-cell
  • - Green tape drying and firing sequences.
  •  - Pin brazing,
  •  - Package sealing
  • - Lead frame enbed
  • - Chip joining


Hi Temp Pkg

Applications requring fast efficient production furnace with:
- multi-stage temperature profile
- rapid removal of volatiles.
- high production yield and throughput
- start-up in less than 30 minutes
- precise and repeatable zone temperature control
- temperature profiles up to 1000°C
- controlled-atmosphere capability
- 1-5 ppm above incoming gas purity.
- high intensity heat
- exacting temperature profiles
- with rapid heat rise
- no overshoot.

The AG Series Furnace was designed specifically to provide precise profiles and atmospheres for silver-glass die atttach. Ideal for processes requiring multi-stage temperature profiles and rapid removal of volatiles.

AG-Series Furnaces

The S-Series High-Temperature furnace can be equipped with a sophisticated hydrogen package for flip chip wafer bumping.


S-Series Furnaces



S-Series Hydrogen

AG-Series IR Furnace

 IR / Convection curing
 Drying Polymer Solutions
 Drying Polymer Coatings
 Polyester Paint Films
 Infrared Curing
 Heat Sensitive substrates
 Cure Powder Coatings
 Food drying
 Chemical drying
 Thin film curing
Infrared dryers engage transfer of both mass and energy.  Heat is transferred from the IR emitters by both radiant and convection means into the polymer solution and causes evaporation of the solvent.

As infrared thermal energy is emitted from lamps above the polymer-substrate, the solvent absorbs the IR radiation triggering vibrations of its molecules and a subsequent transfer of mass and heat.

Flowing air introduced through the chamber walls exits through the exhaust stack carrying away the water vapor and solvent vapor.

D-Series IR Dryers precisely control temperatures to 200°C and higher along with control of process gas flow to assure removal of moisure and released solvents.


D-Series IR Dryers

TF-Series IR Furnace
Seal Production
 Semiconductor processing
 Thick-film processing
 Final lid sealing
 Die attach process
 Lead frame attachment
Applications requiring a fast efficient production furnace with high production yield and throughput and that features start-up in less than 30 minutes, precise and repeatable zone temperature control, temperature profiles up to 1000°C, and controlled-atmosphere capability of 1-5 ppm above incoming gas purity. S-Series
The S-Series Infrared Furnaces utilize high intensity heat to achieve exacting temperature profiles, with rapid heat rise and no overshoot.
S-Series IR Furnace


S-Series Furnaces



S-Series Hydrogen

Photovoltaic applications
Solar Cell manufacture
Fast eficient production furnace.  SC-series furnaces offer high production yield and throughput, feature start-up often in less than 30 minutes, precise and repeatable zone temperature control, temperature profiles up to 1000°C, and controlled-atmosphere capability of 1-5 ppm above incoming gas purity.  The SC-Series Solar Cell furnace can be combined with an integral dryer in the SCD-Series Solar Cell system.  SC-Series
Solar Cell Furnaces

S-Series IR Furnace


SC-Series Furnaces


SCD-Series Furnaces

Used Furnaces
New Furnaces
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